Engraving is almost too extensive a topic for one page. There are alternative methods, tools, types, old and automated equipment and a very wide range items that can be engraved, especially those that may be laser engraved.

Most, often, engraving is thought of as a mark on metal ... and we do that. We scratch or burnish a piece of metal in the form of a trophy or plaque plate or Julep cup or other piece of metal. We do this using a computerized engraving machine or in rare cases, very old equipment using an alphabet template to form the letters. Unfortunately, we do not practice the Art of freehand engraving, but we know someone who does and will give you a referral. One other antique in almost daily use is an engraver specifically (and only) for engraving the inside of a ring.

Laser engravers have given us a different way to engrave some metal and acrylic items but more importantly have greatly expanded the range of items that may be engraved. With a laser, we can engrave glass, stone, wood, leather and we recently read about laser engraved sweatshirts.

In addition to the different methods and types of equipment, we have the capability to digitize graphics for scratch engraving. Essentially, if you want a name or logo on something, we can probably do it.

Engraving Equipment

Computerized engraving

The Apex is a machine that receives set-up from the computer and using a diamond point, scratches that information onto a flat plate or onto a cylindrical item such as a julep or revere bowl.

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Universal Engraver

At one time, a Universal was a must have for the serious engraver. Today this old machine is used occassionally, but is the only machine with the capacity to hold very trays larger than 16 inches and bowls with diameters greater than 14".

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Universal Laser Engraver

This machine is the larger and more powerful of our laser engravers with sufficient depth to engrave larger items. This machine is also used for glass and cutting twill letters and designs to be appliqued in embroidery.

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Epilog Laser Engraver

This tabletop engraver is a very versatile machine with size being it's only limitation. The customary use for this machine is smaller(in size) repetitive jobs such as plates and badges.

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Ring Engraver

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This special purpose engraver has the sole function of inside the ring engraving. While something of an antique, this engraver is in use almost every day.

Brass Font

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These rare hand set letters are a reverse engraving font.