Glass and Crystal

Many of the Glass and Crystal pieces we engrave will be brought in by the customer because usually, the retailers of glass and crystal do not have the facilities to personalize these items and not all engraving shops offer this service. As we have added sandcarving equipment and upgraded our laser engraving capabilities, we now have the capability to sandcarve logos or monograms on the crystal pieces and will either laser engrave or sandcarve the glass depending on the geometry of the piece."

With the proliferation of laser engraving and sandcarving, Glass and Crystal awards have become readily available. A few of the options are shown here and new items are being announced regularly.

We currently carry a limited selection of glasses, vases, decanters and the like for resale, and will continue to adjust inventories. We have a selection of glass awards in stock and will order crystal pieces as requested.

Image descriptionChampagne Flute

We keep a few plain champagne flutes in stock. Most often a par of flutes are brought in to be engraved with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Image descriptionGlass, Juice

The juice glass (old fashioned glass) as part of a set can be monogrammed as a gift, or can have a graphic applied for use as an award, keepsake or souvenir.

Glass Crescent

Image description

The beveled glass crescent awards are gift boxed for presentation. These awards are available in three sizes, 4" x 6", 5" x 7" and 6" x 8".

Crystal Golf Ball

Image description

This Classic Pitcher is manufactured using a process hundreds of years old. This pewter is a lead-free alloy comprised of 93% tin with the balance a mixture of antimony, copper and bismuth. This pitcher has been polished to a bright, shiny patina.

Image descriptionPrestige Glass


This jade glass award comes with a Piano Finish Base and comes packaged in a velvet lined gift box.


Available in two sizes, 8 1/2" and 9 1/2"


This award is available in three sizes, 7 3/4", 8 3/4" and 9 3/4"

Image descriptionGateway Glass


These awards are available in a light jade and are 1/2" thick. Awards come in a Rosewood piano finish base and are all gift boxed.


This award has a domed top and comesin three sizes, 7", 8" and 9"

Clip Corner

This rectangular award has the corners clipped and comes in three sizes, 7", 8" and 9"

Image descriptionStemware

This glass has a sand carved monogram.
Most glass and crystal is a candidate for sandcarving.

Image descriptionDecanter

This classic decanter has a three letter monogram.
Decanters and larger vases are transformed with the addition of a logo or monogram.