Jackets and Shirts etc.....

We will monogram shirts you bring in and we will supply and monogram shirts. The same applies to jackets and other wearables.

At one time, we inventoried popular shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. We eventually transitioned to a system where we keep only a few samples on hand to touch and calalogs to order from. The selection of garments is better than it has ever been and shipping locations are such that most items are only one day away.

We are able to order single shirts, and jackets (a little more expensive than a dozen) and are able to set up a logo for you company or group or farm. We can supply uniforms for your soccer or softball team. We can supply jackets for a construction project safety award or for a bowling team. We can put your name on a windshirt you got on sale someplace.

As you can imagine, there are so many options and variables when it comes to personalizing wearables that is a project in itself just to organize the list. A simpler way is to just Telephone 859 277-3500 or  E-Mail Us

Image descriptionColor Selection

Knit Shirts

This stack is an illustration of available colors, and most are available in larger sizes.

Image descriptionKnit Shirt

K420 Royal Blue

The K420 is probably our most ordered shirt.

Image descriptionKnit Shirt

K420 Khaki

The K420 is available in an exceptional range of sizes.

Image descriptionKnit Shirt

L420 Pink

This is a ladies shirt. Styled for and in ladies sizes.

Image descriptionKnit Shirt

L420 Lilac

Ladies shirt. Available in a good color selection.

Image descriptionWindshirt

Stock No.

Windshirts are available in a variety of colors in a good sizeselection. Most often monogrammed on the left chest or yoke.


Image description Available in larger sizes.

Jacket Challenger

Image description Available in a selection of colors including camo

Rain Jacket

Image description Add descriptive info for rain jacket

Image descriptionSweatshirt


A selection of sweat shirts in a range of sizes and good selection of colors is available. The trend in sweatshirt embroidery is applique. Traditional enbroidery is also available.

Image descriptionSweat Pants


There are few options for sweat pants embroidery, but small team or group logos and player numbers are commonly requested.