Bed & Bath - Linens, Throws, Quilts, Towels and Robes.

Bed and Bath items are perfect for monogramming, whether for home or as a gift. Whatever the occasion, sheets, pillow cases, shams and duvets look great with an attractive Monogram. Towels, Washcloths and Bath Mats are most often monogrammed, but occasionally we have a request for a graphic (Sailfish, Dolphin etc.) or if the towels are going to College or Camp, they may get a name.

If you are unable to bring the item to the shop, telephone or e-mail before mailing or shipping to us so that we will be prepared to schedule your item upon receipt. Remember, we also embroider items for your pets.

Image descriptionTowels and Wash Cloth Set

Monograms for a Bath Towel, Hand Towel ans Wash Cloth are three different sizes and placed so that a tri-fold will allow the monogram to be displayed. Sizes for the monograms are approximately 4" 3 1/4" and 2 1/2".

Image descriptionHand Towels

Hand Towels for display in the guest bathroom can be fancy with an interlocking script monogram or with a single letter in an oval or with ornamentals.

Image descriptionBath Sheet or Beach Towel

Some towels just seem to have been made to go to College or the beach. Monograms can be traditional or a name in block or script. In some cases, a graphic works very well.

Image descriptionRobes

Robes are available in many types of fabric. The thicker fleecier robes are no more difficult to monogram than the thin nylon materials. In either case, the monogram size and underlay can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

Quilt - Child's name on borders

A name can be embroidered after the Quilt has been completed, but the bobbin thread will show when the quilt is turned. If the quilt is brought in for embroidery before the backing is stitched on, the bobbin stitches will be hidden.

Image description

Sheet and Pillow Cases

Shown is a Three Letter Diamond Monogram with Ornamentals. Placement is customarily center hem.

Image description

Duvet Cover - Shower Curtain

Monograms larger than 3 1/2 inches tall require different stitch patterns to remain attractive over time. Rather than a satin stitch, we must use a pattern fill stitch which will in general,not bunch or uonravel.

Image description

Monogram Styles

Block - All Caps

Image description

Three Letter Diamond

Image description


Image description


Image description

Standard Script

Image description


Image description